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Electro303 articles
Brad Parscale
10 november 2002
Brad Parscale is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He has been working at Electric Image for 2 years now. Previously he worked for Play Inc. and NewTek. Brad has Bachelor of Science in Int'l Business and Economics from Trinity University.
Tomas Egger
AD Studio won several MTV Awards: One art direction MTV award in 2001 with "Getdown" and 2 MTV awards in 2002, art direction and film direction with "Rappa_hi".
Mark Granger
21 june 2004
My interest in 3d began when I visited the University of California in San Diego's open house in 1979 at the age of 15. They were demonstrating an Evans and Sutherland 3d vector system.
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Johnathan Banta
1 sept 2004
Johnathan Banta is lead 3D/compositing artist at Sassoon Film Design in Santa Monica, CA. He is also the owner of Agrapha Productions. He currently finished working with Van Ling, Jason Hill and Barry Berman as lead 3D artist on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD menus.
David Argemi
20 nov 2004
David Argemi is the founder of Konkeptoine. Besides his work as an illustrator, he writes plug ins for EIAS. And some really good ones.
Jens Moeller
20 may 2005
ramjac Software is a subdevision of ramjac Images - founded in 1997. Now version 2 of OBJ2FACT is out, time for more on the man behind ramjac Software
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