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Electro news

At this moment I am not capable to maintain Electro303.
So this site will only stay on line so you can use all archives, tutorials and other information gathered during aprox. 5 years.

Many thanks to all who have contributed, specially my thanks to David Della Rocca, who suddenly vanished out of my reach.

Good luck to all EI users, their projects and the hard business their in!


You have scripts or models to share??
Some rules when sending scripts, models and so on to Electro303:

- Xp-scripts should be accompanied with a projectfile (Collect files is needed). Otherwise people can not see what is going on.

- Models in .fact format, accompanied with a projectfile when it is textured or animated.

Please, write a short note with your name, e-mail and what you are sending and what extras are included.

If you like to see your script, model and so on, on line, please email it to me.

Updated 14 aug 2006
© 2006 Electro303
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